Company Broker Group: The Largest Financial Transaction

Company Broker Group has led hundreds of business owners through the process of selling their business, and have built their reputations on their unparalleled ability to get the most possible money for the sale.

The brokers and associates at Company Broker Group understand that when a business owner decides to sell, it may represent the single largest financial transaction of their entire life. And they have learned from their years of experience that business buyers are often much better at buying businesses than business owners are at selling them. And that is where the knowledge and experience of CBG becomes an important factor.

Company Broker Group has assisted in the sale of more than one hundred and fifty businesses in dozens of industries. And their years in business have taught them three important things: most business owners who decide to sell their business want to get the highest price possible, and close the deal as soon as possible; they want to get the best possible terms they can on all deal points; and they want to sell to an experienced buyer who possesses the energy and background that matches their own, and ensures a smooth and successful transition to the new ownership.

Company Broker Group has the experience and training to deliver on these three important points. Over the years they have represented all sorts of business owners, from construction, manufacturing, technology and e-commerce businesses, to truck and automotive repair, wholesale and distribution, road work and paving, Telecom and cable installation, fire and water damage, light industrial, business to business, and other professional service businesses.

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Company Broker Group: Leading Business Brokers in Denver

Company Broker Group is the leading business brokerage in the Denver Metropolitan Area. Their team of brokers and associates has many years of experience in selling businesses, and they consistently exceed expectations when it comes to getting the most possible money from the sale of a business.

Through effective positioning and marketing of the client’s business, Company Broker Group can typically get a much higher value for their business because they can get a buyer excited about the upside growth and potential of the business with a buyer who has the passion, vision, and financial resources to grow the business quickly going forward. “A buyer who clearly sees the incredible upside growth and potential of your business will often pay substantially more for your business than a buyer who simply wants to pay 3-4 times the trailing three years cash flow of the business,” says Paul Olsen, the owner of CBG.

Company Broker Group has developed excellent and proprietary methods of getting buyers excited not only about what a client’s business has been for the previous three or four years, but also about what the business has the potential to be in the coming three to five years, once the right buyer is in charge. This type of buyer, who sees the upside potential, will almost always pay a substantially higher sales price. Company Broker Group are experts at creating an exit plan for their clients to help locate this buyer and have them see the potential in the business. They achieve all this through an extensive video covering all the up-side potential of the company.

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Company Broker Group: Almost All Industries

Company Broker Group is the premier business brokerage in Colorado. Their specialty is selling established businesses with annual sales revenues of more than one million dollars a year.

“We have advised on many business transactions in almost all industries,” says owner Paul Olsen Denver, “including service, construction, manufacturing, wholesale and distribution, road work and paving, cable installation, fire and water damage, light industrial, business to business, technology, internet-based, and other professional service businesses.”

Since the firm was established in 2003. they have led hundreds of Colorado business owners through the process of selling their businesses, and getting the maximum value for them. “We have two unique differences that set us apart from other business broker and mergers and acquisitions professionals,” says Paul Olsen Denver. “First, we are the only brokers that we know of that use a private video of the company, detailing the entire offering so that you don note have to meet with time-wasting tire-kickers and lookie-loos. This may risk having your employees, suppliers and customers learning about your interest in selling. Secondly, we have spent the last ten years establishing a comprehensive list of over seven thousand buyers throughout the country who are serious about moving to Colorado.”

Paul Olsen Denver and Company Broker Group are a team of business brokers and other professional associates who are committed to the successful completion of business transactions. They concentrate on businesses whose annual gross revenues are above one million dollars.

For more than decades, Mr. Olsen has also conducted educational seminars all over the Front Range on a wide range of business topics. He is a native of upstate New York, but has lived in Denver since 1990. He has a strong finance and sales and marketing background. Paul holds a bachelor’s degree from SUNY Oswego and his master’s degree from the University of Colorado.

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Company Broker Group: In The Top Ten

Colorado is one of the top places in America to do business, and the state itself is one of the most attractive places to live. And that is why the brokers and associates at Company Broker Group live and do business in the Rocky Mountain State, and wouldn’t have it any other way.

Choosing the right Colorado business broker to privately and quietly represent a business owner who is selling a business is critical to their efforts to get the best possible deal. The professionals at Colorado Broker Group help their clients choose from among many successful entrepreneurs from outside the state, who are looking to move to Colorado and buy a business that they can take to the next level. They have compiled a comprehensive list of more than seven thousand buyers from all over the United States who are serious about wanting to get into the Colorado market.

Colorado is ranked in the top ten states for doing business by CNBC. And Forbes magazine has placed two Colorado cities, Denver and Fort Collins, in its top five cities for doing business in. The Mile High City has one of the best-educated populations in the country with a strong and well-diversified economy that spans many industries, from construction, technology, science and engineering to finance and banking. The Denver Metropolitan Area is consistently ranked as one of the most desirable places in the United States to live.

Company Broker Group is located in downtown Denver in a convenient office location that is within twenty minutes of the Denver International Airport.

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Company Broker Group: The Importance of Confidentiality

Company Broker Group has many years of experience in helping business owners throughout Colorado sell their businesses, and they bring that experience and expertise to each new deal.

They understand better than most that when the time comes for business owners to sell, it is important to maintain absolute confidentiality.

“We strive to get business owners as much money and as quickly and quietly as possible, says company owner Paul Olsen. Business owners have devoted their lives to creating value in their businesses, and should do everything that they can to get top dollar for their business.

And part of the strategy is keeping the fact that the business is for sale under wraps. Too often, says Paul Olsen, other business brokers bring a parade of potential buyers through the company’s office. They may do that as many as twenty to thirty times. “These dog and pony shows can be very taxing on your business,” he says, “can consume an incredible amount of time, and often tips off your employees or customers or even suppliers that you’re selling your business.” And that can work against the final sale price.

Company Broker Group produces a comprehensive video that is completed in one detailed meeting. “This completely avoids a parade of coming through your office wanting to see your operation and how you run your business,” he says. In more than ten years of business they have successfully used video to assist in hundreds of business transactions, and have never once breached confidentiality or even hinted to employees or customers that a deal is in the making. “Our videos,” Paul Olsen Denver concludes, “are an excellent tool to show all the details of the transaction that you seek, and the upside potential of the business, to a few select buyers that we have reached out to confidentially.”

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Paul Olsen Denver: Advises Business Owner

Powerful planning is about productivity. At the point when organizations discuss making worth for their customers and accomplices, they are generally discussing viable, proficient planning. At the point when making a proficient spending plan, you must have the capacity to examine every bit of your operation and consider its general quality to your organization. When you have an unmistakable thought of what you’re investing cash and energy in, you ought to have the capacity to make a framework for how you can eliminate cost and time for each operation your organization needs to perform keeping in mind the end goal to give your clients the fantastic they anticipate.

A viable spending plan keeps the greater part of your salary and uses together in one spot where you can see them plainly. This basic data permits you to locate the most ideal approaches to spend your capital in shrewd ways. Making a proficient spending plan arrangement is the way to supported accomplishment for your business. As your business develops, your financial plan will get more intricate, and you should have the capacity to see the greater part of your operations for the amount of quality they make for the organization in general. Reliably making a powerful spending plan requires a successful accounting system and skilled bookkeepers who can discover you approaches to spare cash.

Paul Olsen Denver exhorts organizations on the best way to develop. He likewise helps entrepreneurs purchase new properties and offer their organizations also. Olsen has helped numerous organizations discover better approaches to extend and keep their clients cheerful and giving proceeding with business.

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Company Broker Group: A Far Better Performance

Company Broker Group is a Denver-based business brokerage, and an industry leader. They have made their name on creating value for their customers in every transaction, creating higher sales prices and better terms for their clients.

The numbers tell the story: most business brokers and Mergers and Acquisitions specialists take up to twelve months to market and sell an established business. Other brokers sell an average of one to two of every five businesses they represent. And they suffer anywhere from a thirty to thirty five percent price reduction from the time they list the business to the time they close on a deal.

In sharp contrast to these numbers, Company Broker Group has performed far better on behalf of its clients. They strive to sell businesses within five to six months of taking on a client and putting the business on the market. They have sold an estimated eight of every ten of their business listings. And they negotiate very aggressively on behalf of each and every client. They are often able to get them a lot more money that the listed sales price, which can translate into significantly more money than do the rest.

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The professionals at Company Broker Group know that no one can run their business forever, and that selling it represents one of the most significant business transactions in their lives. Their purpose is to sell their clients’ businesses quickly and quietly, and for the highest sales price possible, and to ensure a smooth and orderly transition to the new owners.

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Paul Olsen Denver: Working for Company Broker Group

Paul Olsen Denver - Professional Business Broker

Paul Olsen of Denver is an owner of Company Broker Group, a Denver-based company that helps business leaders buy new assets and sell their businesses at fair prices. Olsen has worked for many different companies over the years, finding them the best values for their hard work and dedication. Paul Olsen Denver knows that successful business people have poured their life into their small businesses and that a price lower than what they invested in the business is not acceptable. Olsen helps business owners find the best price for their business on the open market and handles all tax issues that come up after the sale of a business.

Paul Olsen Denver helps business owners find more value in their businesses. He advises them on how to handle the transfer of their business to another party. Olsen also helps owners transfer their business to family members such as children and…

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Company Broker Group: A Few Select Buyers

Company Broker Group is the leading business brokerage in Colorado. They employ a unique and proprietary approach that uses multimedia to showcase the businesses they represent.

“For well over ten years now,” says company Owner Paul Olsen Denver, “we have successfully employed t he use of video to assist in hundreds of business transactions without breaching confidentiality, or even hinting to your employees or customers that you’re thinking about selling.” This means that the clients they represent don’t have to waste any time meeting with those would-be buyers who aren’t really serious about making an offer. And it minimizes the risk that a company’s employees, suppliers and customers will learn about the client’s interest in selling, before they are ready to make that public.

The videos allow Company Broker Group to show a few select, potential buyers all of the details of the transaction. Company Broker Group reaches out to them confidentially. They are the only business brokerage and mergers and acquisitions firm in the entire Rocky Mountain Region to use video to privately and quietly present a business sale to prospective buyers. All other brokers send buyers to the offices of the client to meet on weekends or after hours, to minimize the chance of breaching confidentiality. But the professionals at Company Broker Group have learned that most of these unscreened business buyers are often financially unqualified to make the purchase, or don’t have the right background or resume needed to take the business to the next level. Since they are not qualified to buy the business it is a waste of everyone’s time.

Business owners who have devoted their lives to building a successful business owe it to themselves to get the most they possibly can when the time comes to sell. They’ll get that with Company Broker Group.

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Company Broker Group: Every Business Is Unique

The process of selling a successful business is one that is often misunderstood, even by people with many years of business experience. Company Broker Group is a Denver-based business brokerage that specializes in small to mid-market sized businesses.

They are skilled at selling businesses quickly and quietly. No matter how independent business owners might be, selling this most valuable asset is not something they should handle on their own. Company Broker Group understands that business buyers are often much better at buying businesses than sellers are at selling them, and they can help them be prepared.

They understand that every business is unique. Most business owners who decide to sell their businesses have three things in mind: they want to get the highest possible price and close the deal as soon as possible. They want the best terms they can possibly get on all deal points. And they want to have an experienced buyer who has the energy to continue the business, and a background that closely matches the skills they’ll need to run it.

Company Broker Group - Selling Denver Business
“Since 2003, I have operated almost exclusively as a licensed business broker and mergers and acquisitions professional,” says Paul Olsen, the owner of Company Broker Group. He is proud of the company’s track record. “We often sell businesses in 5-6 months, versus twelve months for the average broker,” he says, adding that they have sold seven to eight of every ten of their listings, compared to just one of five for other brokers. “In many cases we have been able to get our business owners/sellers twenty to thirty percent more money than the original-listed sales price.” And that can mean hundreds of thousands of dollars, and even millions of dollars, more than what they might have got.

Selling a business may be the biggest check a seller ever gets, he concludes, so they owe it to themselves and to their families to get the most they possibly can. They’ll get that with Company Broker Group.

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