Company Broker Group: A Far Better Performance

Company Broker Group is a Denver-based business brokerage, and an industry leader. They have made their name on creating value for their customers in every transaction, creating higher sales prices and better terms for their clients.

The numbers tell the story: most business brokers and Mergers and Acquisitions specialists take up to twelve months to market and sell an established business. Other brokers sell an average of one to two of every five businesses they represent. And they suffer anywhere from a thirty to thirty five percent price reduction from the time they list the business to the time they close on a deal.

In sharp contrast to these numbers, Company Broker Group has performed far better on behalf of its clients. They strive to sell businesses within five to six months of taking on a client and putting the business on the market. They have sold an estimated eight of every ten of their business listings. And they negotiate very aggressively on behalf of each and every client. They are often able to get them a lot more money that the listed sales price, which can translate into significantly more money than do the rest.

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The professionals at Company Broker Group know that no one can run their business forever, and that selling it represents one of the most significant business transactions in their lives. Their purpose is to sell their clients’ businesses quickly and quietly, and for the highest sales price possible, and to ensure a smooth and orderly transition to the new owners.


About CompanyBrokerGroup

Company Broker Group is one of the most successful and long-standing business brokerage firms in Colorado. For nearly eleven years, the firm's business brokers have been assisting business owners up and down the Front Range, servicing cities from Fort Collins in the north, to Pueblo in the south. Company Broker Group uses an extremely successful, proprietary approach to selling businesses quietly and quickly, to ensure there are no breaches of confidentiality about the pending business sale.
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