Company Broker Group: The Importance of Confidentiality

Company Broker Group has many years of experience in helping business owners throughout Colorado sell their businesses, and they bring that experience and expertise to each new deal.

They understand better than most that when the time comes for business owners to sell, it is important to maintain absolute confidentiality.

“We strive to get business owners as much money and as quickly and quietly as possible, says company owner Paul Olsen. Business owners have devoted their lives to creating value in their businesses, and should do everything that they can to get top dollar for their business.

And part of the strategy is keeping the fact that the business is for sale under wraps. Too often, says Paul Olsen, other business brokers bring a parade of potential buyers through the company’s office. They may do that as many as twenty to thirty times. “These dog and pony shows can be very taxing on your business,” he says, “can consume an incredible amount of time, and often tips off your employees or customers or even suppliers that you’re selling your business.” And that can work against the final sale price.

Company Broker Group produces a comprehensive video that is completed in one detailed meeting. “This completely avoids a parade of coming through your office wanting to see your operation and how you run your business,” he says. In more than ten years of business they have successfully used video to assist in hundreds of business transactions, and have never once breached confidentiality or even hinted to employees or customers that a deal is in the making. “Our videos,” Paul Olsen Denver concludes, “are an excellent tool to show all the details of the transaction that you seek, and the upside potential of the business, to a few select buyers that we have reached out to confidentially.”


About CompanyBrokerGroup

Company Broker Group is one of the most successful and long-standing business brokerage firms in Colorado. For nearly eleven years, the firm's business brokers have been assisting business owners up and down the Front Range, servicing cities from Fort Collins in the north, to Pueblo in the south. Company Broker Group uses an extremely successful, proprietary approach to selling businesses quietly and quickly, to ensure there are no breaches of confidentiality about the pending business sale.
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