About: Company Broker Group

Company Broker Group is the top business broker in all of Colorado. They are committed to selling a client’s business quickly and quietly, and promise each one a successful sale.

Company owner Paul Olsen Denver says that he and his associates are committed to working as long as it takes to get the sales price and down money that they have agreed to get each client, and that their goal is one hundred percent customer satisfaction.

They represent only business sellers, and have developed a unique and proprietary approach to getting a successful closing for each client. “We use a streamlined and personalized approach to selling a business,” he says. “We do not charge up-front fees or retainers; we only get paid when a successful transaction is completed. Our interests are directly aligned with the seller’s, and that’s the way it should be.”

He says that Company Broker Group may be the only business brokerage in the industry that uses a proprietary approach to prepare and present businesses for sale through the use of multimedia and other models. This approach, he continues, helps a buyer quickly and remotely become aware of the offering, and discover whether they may or may not be a good business fit. It has been an extremely effective approach. While other brokers sell only one or two of every five of the businesses they bring to market, Company Broker Group market, Company Broker Group has had much better success, selling about eight of every ten business listings they attempt to sell.


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